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Type 1 fimbriae-mediated collective protection against type 6 secretion system attacks.

Dessartine MM, Kosta A, Doan T, Cascales É, Côté JP.

mBio. 2024 Mar 18:e0255323.

Systematic investigation of recipient cell genetic requirements reveals important surface receptors for conjugative transfer of IncI2 plasmids.

Allard N, Collette A, Paquette J, Rodrigue S, Côté JP.

Commun Biol. 2023 Nov 16;6(1):1172.

Central metabolism is a key player in E. coli biofilm stimulation by sub-MIC antibiotics.

Yaeger LN, French S, Brown ED, Côté JP, Burrows LL.

PLoS Genet. 2023 Nov 2;19(11):e1011013.

Chemical Screen for Vancomycin Antagonism Uncovers Probes of the Gram-Negative Outer Membrane.

Klobucar K*, Côté JP*, French S, Borrillo L, Guo ABY, Serrano-Wu MH, Lee KK, Hubbard B, Johnson JW, Gaulin JL, Magolan J, Hung DT, Brown ED.

ACS Chem Biol. 2021 May 21;16(5):929-942.

Genetic and Chemical-Genetic Interactions Map Biogenesis and Permeability Determinants of the Outer Membrane of Escherichia coli.

Klobucar K, French S, Côté JP, Howes JR, Brown ED.

mBio. 2020 Mar 10;11(2):e00161-20.

Exploiting the Sensitivity of Nutrient Transporter Deletion Strains in Discovery of Natural Product Antimetabolites.

Gehrke SS, Kumar G, Yokubynas NA, Côté JP, Wang W, French S, MacNair CR, Wright GD, Brown ED.

ACS Infect Dis. 2017 Dec 8;3(12):955-965.

Bacteria Getting into Shape: Genetic Determinants of E. coli Morphology.

French S*, Côté JP*, Stokes JM, Truant R, Brown ED.

mBio. 2017 Mar 7;8(2):e01977-16. 

Pentamidine sensitizes Gram-negative pathogens to antibiotics and overcomes acquired colistin resistance.

Stokes JM, MacNair CR, Ilyas B, French S, Côté JP, Bouwman C, Farha MA, Sieron AO, Whitfield C, Coombes BK, Brown ED.

Nat Microbiol. 2017 Mar 6;2:17028. 

The Genome-Wide Interaction Network of Nutrient Stress Genes in Escherichia coli.

Côté JP*, French S*, Gehrke SS, MacNair CR, Mangat CS, Bharat A, Brown ED.

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A robust platform for chemical genomics in bacterial systems.

French S, Mangat C, Bharat A, Côté JP, Mori H, Brown ED.

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